although there are many, here are some of kidols best smiles.

1. jimin - bts

bts, jimin, and park jimin image bts, jimin, and park jimin image
jimin has many different smiles but my favourite is when he smiles so wide it brings out his eye smile :) just look at how cute it is :( this is the smile of an angel

2. gikwang - highlight

highlight, kpop, and smile image highlight, kpop, and smile image
when gik smiles his whole face smiles, idk if that sounds right but he looks adorable and his smile would light up anyones world

3. namjoon - bts

bts, namjoon, and rm image rm, bts, and bangtan image
what would this article be if he wasn't included becos THAT DIMPLE MAKES ME SO WEAK!! When he laughs in hysterics and his dimple is on show I swear I drown. his one dimple is so prominent and is a double kill with that smile

4. park seojoon

actor, korean, and park seo joon image actor, asian, and boy image
okay but when he smiles, crinkles form on the sides of his eyes and its my favourite thing in the entire world, I would do anything to see that smile on his face everyday

5. jihyo - twice

gif image beautiful, kpop, and smile image
you cannot tell me that jihyo doesn't have a pretty smile becos that smile is the smile of heaven, this is what you see when you enter heaven

6. yoongi - bts

Temporarily removed edit, idol, and smile image
y'all already know ima be talking about his precious gummy smile. JUST LOOK AT IT! and he has small teeth which makes it even cuter, I can't with this man, his smile ends wars - he is the man of peace

7. jooheon - monsta x

icon, kpop, and lq image jooheon, kpop, and monsta x image
his smile LITERALLY SCREAMS UWU HE IS UWU!!! when he smiles it makes me want to fight all the demons and protect him with all my strength okay, how does one not fall for jooheon, and idc what anyone says his aegyo is the best and when he pairs it with this smile my heart is all kjferkjkrjenern

8. yongguk - b.a.p

Temporarily removed kpop, b.a.p, and yongguk image
ending this with THE man of all man becos his smile can cure all heart ache. he is the most precious human in existence and he deserves everything good. imagine waking up to that smile every morning?! my heart :( I love him and his smile <3