Hey everybody! Here we go, another "my name in.." ! This time is my name in celebrities. You'll see which celebrities I love. Let's get started!

R - Ryan Renolds

I love this guy so much! He's so funny and such a good actor.

deadpool and wade wilson image beautiful, ryan, and sexy image ryan reynolds, Hot, and actor image blake lively, couple, and ryan reynolds image

A- Alissa Violet

She's soooo beautiful and she seems so cute. I really love her.

fashion, loiras, and beauty image alissa violet, ocean, and alissa image alissa violet, violet, and alissa image girl, pizza, and alissa violet image

C- Camila Cabello

This girl is AWESOME! Such an amazing voice, such a sweet heart and she really got everything! She's a pure angel. I really really really love hers song.

Image by ɾαզմεʆ εςɕσɓεδσ camila cabello image camila cabello image camila cabello image

H - Harry Styles

Oh god, Harry is my everything. I love him so so so much (just like all the other 1D of course). He's wonderfull. He is very kind with everyone, he has an amazing voice, such a good style and he supports everyone. This man is perfect. I also really love Marcel and Alex and all 🤣😍

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Harry Styles, styles, and harry image balloon, red, and Harry Styles image Harry Styles, one direction, and louis tomlinson image
Look at him, his heart is as big as this balloon. Isn't he lovely?

E- Ed Sheeran

Just like Harry, he got an incredible voice. His song are so beautiful and there are so much feelings in the lyrics, it's amazing!

ed sheeran, ed, and sheeran image ed sheeran, perfect, and singer image <3, ed, and ginger image

And last but not least:

L- Leigh-Anne Pinnock

i love this girl. I mean, I think she's one of the most beautiful girl ever. Her style is amazing, she really is a fashionista. Her voice is crazy and I LOVE her with all my heart (mixers 4ever)

little mix, leigh anne pinnock, and leigh-anne pinnock image Image removed pretty, leigh-anne pinnock, and little mix image theme, little mix, and lipstick image
Look at this princess😍