Do you feel bad when you open your wardrobe every morning because you've found out that there is nothing that you'd like to see? And you just don't know why, as you buy everything you like and want to wear. Well, mostly this is because you buy what you WANT but not what you actually NEED. And, also, because you can't combine what you have.

How can we solve this poblem? Well, here is a list and examples of clothes, that are just a MUST HAVE this spring and summer. Hope u like it ♥

1. Simplicity is a key.

Don't buy a lot of too bright things so you won't look like a rainbow! It's better to have a lot of simple shirts and T-shirts that will go with everything rather than that clothes, that you won't even put on.

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2. Find your own style and color spectrum.

Get that idea, that in your everyday life there should be only one style. Sporty, casual, girly ot bitchy. Everything can't go in one look as it will seem to be ridiculous. When you will find yourself, your favourite colours and comfortable look - go on with it. Mine is something comfortable, pastel/black/white colors and no high heels (that I used to wear a lot). Yes, one day I like to wear skirts and dresses and the next one I will wear loosy sporty pants with peachy T-shirt, but everything is nearly in one style and color spectrum so I can combine different clothes.

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3. Basic things. Сlassic high waisted trousers in a box.

This is something that will go with everything. A T-shirt, a blouse, a shirt, beautiful lace bra, heels, boots. I think that this is my personal MUST HAVE for this spring.

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4. Basic things. Dress.

Everyone has their own style and for me dress is something that shows your mood. More open for playful sexy mood. Light lace dress for casual day out. For basic dress in your wardrobe pick up something comfortable, not very open and comfy. It takes some time to find out your perfect one but maybe you can find it in my favourites below for this spring/summer ♥

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5.Sporty chic.

Who told you that being a little bit too comfy is bad? Damn, if i coluld, I would never take off my favourite blue loosy pants! But, anyway, you can look hot even in sport clothes in everyday style. Celebrities prove it!

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6. Basic things. Perfect blouse.

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7. Beautiful lace bra.

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8. A pair of classic high heel shoes.

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9. A perfect skirt.

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10. A bright crop top for summer vacation.

It will go perfectly with jeans, skirt or shorts. Unbeliveable for a summer hot day out or an evening near the sea/ocean.

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11. Perfect shorts.

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I hope i helped someone somehow
Don't forget: I am here for you.
Lots of love,