Here is a collection of soft, calming songs featuring beautiful melodies, many accompanied and carried out with the delicate twinkle of piano, all with a distant-yet-close wonder that will leave you in a dream.

1. The Build Up ~Kimbra

clouds, grunge, and vintage image art, drowning, and forest image

2. Fresh Pair of Eyes ~Brooke Waggoner~

girl, car, and vintage image Temporarily removed

3. The Laundry Bin ~Mree

Temporarily removed Image removed

4. Daydreamer ~Adele

aesthetic, couples, and feelings image Temporarily removed

5. Mystery of Love ~Sufjan Stevens

beige, theme, and arianagrande image beautiful and travel image

6. The Seaside ~The Honey Trees

Temporarily removed blue lagoon, water, and indiana evans image

Here's the link to this playlist on Spotify.

The playlist is short so far, but there's definitely more to come, so follow it if you'd like to stay updated <3

Thanks for reading/viewing/hearting!