In previous articles I wrote about how powerful your words are.

Every single word that comes out of your mouth has a specific vibration, these vibrations ripple through the air. So every time you say positive and beautiful words, it sends positive energy out to the universe and to earth. And if only negative things come out of your mouth, you send negativity.

Now, it's normal to get upset and angry, and that may cause you to swear and that's fine. But be careful it doesn't escalate to wishing bad things on other people. Remember, words are sent like signals to the universe and the universe is God.

For example, someone has hurt you and you very angry towards that person. And that may lead you to say or think, "I hate you" or "I hope you go through what you put me through".

Because you words are signals and are like bouncy balls, you send hate towards the others, in this same way, it will only come back to you. Whatever you send out to the universe, you, yourself will receive.
If you have you had done this in the past, leave it, let it go, it's in the past now. Ask the angels to help you release all the anger, resentments and guilt.

Like I have said words are powerful tools that connect you to the universe and earth, they are powerful tools of manifestation.
One of the most powerful words are I AM

Why is 'I am' so powerful?

If you say the words I AM (it sounds like AAH YAAM)

Like I talked about in the article about God, I talked about how the crown chakra is how you connect to God and the universe. And the mantra to chant for opening the crown chakra is AHH.

And in another article I talked about the power of the heart, and the mantra to chant to heal and open the heart chakra is YAAM

If you read both these articles you will understand how powerful the heart is and the crown chakra is where all the powers of the universe enters your body. Whatever question you ask the universe it will come to you through your crown chakra.
*I* is the sound of the Universe/God, and AM (YAM) is the activation of the heart, the heart is where the mental chakras meets the lower (physical) chakras, it is where heaven meets earth. So these two words together are activation words, they help you to manifest whatever you put after the words I am.

For example,
If you always say I am Beautiful, you are telling God/Universe that you want this in your reality/in your life. And God/Universe always grants your wishes. If you say this and really mean it you will see how you feel and look more beautiful physically, others will see you radiate with this beauty, you will create this reality where you are beautiful.

Likewise, if you have been saying negative things after I am like:
I am Poor
I am Ugly
I am Sad and Depressed all the time
I am dumb
You are asking the universe that, you want this reality. I AM are your words of permission to the universe that, that is what you want.
You may think 'but that's not what I want then why is this happening in my life?' Because whatever you put your words and intention on, it will happen, if you are thinking:
'I don't want to be hated. I don't want to be hatred....'
Then you are putting your intention on this, and it will become your reality.
Don't panic, just change it

Take a few deep breaths and turn these negative words into positive one, it might take some practice but have the patience and keep trying.

Every morning, look yourself in the mirror and say:
I AM Beautiful
I AM Rich and Abundant
I AM Intelligent
I AM Happy
Keep saying it until you truly believe it and you will see yourself how you and your life changes.

If you need help and advice on these things, you can always message me. :)

Healthy ways to release anger:

Anger is energy packed, it's fast flowing and needs to be expressed and released in a dynamic way. If not expressed and released it can go on to created problems and eventually diseases.

  • Punch a pillow, punch and kick the air.
  • Scream. Scream AHHHHH out loud and let all that anger out that way.
  • Sexual release (I'm not telling you to go have sex with someone, especially if you are young, ignore this one. If you are old enough taking care of yourself sexually is a necessity for your healthy, Sexual release (orgasm) is another great way to release all that anger)
  • Exercise. Sweat off all that anger
  • Dance. Dancing is another great way, doesn't matter if you can't dance, just go crazy with random moves, shake off all that anger.
  • Cry like never before. Be dramatic like those drama shows, cry loudly, let it all out.
  • Ask the angels to help you release all this anger.
  • Listen to some songs, that invokes emotions, to release all those emotions.
  • Talk to someone. (talking about your emotions is also a way to release) If you feel you can't talk to anyone, I'm here for you, just message me :)
  • Write a letter. Write in the letter what made you upset, write how it made you feel. Then when you are down, shred it, rip it into pieces and throw it away or burn it if you can.

It doesn't matter what you thought and said in the past, it's over now. What matters is now. That's why I AM is in the present, never in the past or future but the present. You can change it all NOW. Good luck and have fun with it. Life is fun. Life is however you want it to be. Think of it like a canvas, paint, draw and change it however you wish by using your words carefully.

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