I love car rides in the evening, I absolutely adore them. so I decided to make a playlist with songs to listen to with these kind of rides. to give you vibes, to make you feel chill, sad, happy and alive. I hope some of you will actually put these songs in a playlist, that would be amazing. but if you don't want to make a playlist yourself, I already made one for you.


- Rain by Bts
- Somebody else by The 1975
- Blue side by Jhope
- Girl crush by Harry Styles
- The enemy by Andrew Belle
- The good side by Troye Sivan
- I need you (urban mix) by Bts
- Next to you by Alicks
- Someone to stay by Vancouver sleep clinic
- Six forty seven by Instupendo
- End by Jeremy Zucker
- Mr. Brightside by The killers
- Moonlight in Atlanta by Russ
- Let go by Bts
- Seeing stars by BØRNS
- Pretty face by Public

(I will add songs to the playlist over time)