Hello everyone!

➢This is my first article that I write....I hope it helps you decide which site to travel.

In Europe there are many places that in each empty corner there is something nice to learn ...

1.| Spain , Madrid |

city, spain, and travel image madrid, real madrid, and city image

2.| France , Paris |

travel, paris, and city image paris, travel, and france image

3.| United Kingdom , London |

london, city, and travel image london, travel, and city image

4.| Italy , Rome |

italy and rome image rome, italy, and travel image

5.| Greece , Santorini |

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Africa is a continent in development and with a lot of culture and history to learn.

6.| Africa , Egypt |

egypt image Image removed

America is the most visited continent and it attracts a lot for all the famous monuments that are there.

7.| California , LA |

sunset, sky, and california image hollywood, sky, and travel image

8.| California , San Francisco |

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9.| New York |

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And last but not least Oceania

10.| Australia , Sydney |

travel, Sydney, and australia image australia and Sydney image

❥I hope you enjoyed it and that it will help you travel and choose the ideal place for you!