I fell for you, I was so confused.
Why? It just had to be you.

I finally got the courage to send you a friend request.
thats where it all started.

You said such cute and cheesy things.
It made me feel like the only girl in the world .

But to be honest I grew tired of it.
I wasn't sure if what your saying is true, but I went along with it.

You ended up being my first kiss.
I thought it would be more special.
But nope it really wasn't.
I feel like I got scared of you due of that.

When I see you my first instinct is to run.

I knew you felt hurt by it.
Im sorry.
Just seeing you and speaking to you.
Isn't what I craved anymore.

Now I feel like you really had enough of me.
You don't chat to me.
You don't say hi anymore.
I miss you but yet I also don't want to see you

What can I do with myself?
Am I just stupid?

or did really lose myself by loving you?

Is my grammar ok? My spelling?
I bet my use of punctuation is wrong
anyway I'm just ranting