Minimalist Wardrobe

Basic Tees
One or two white and black shirts + one coloured shirt will be enough to put many outfits together. This also can be substituted with for example a blouse and some sweaters.

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One high-waisted jeans and one low-waisted jeans could already be enough for your wardrobe. Try to minimize the amount of jeans you have and use.

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Just two normal pants will help to create more different outfits that you can put together.

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A skirt or two won't hurt anyone. This can be used for an evening out or for when you need to dress up. This is the same with dresses. One for the summer and one for when you need to dress up.

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You can't survive summer with a few shorts. Even then you can switch between skirts and shorts, so don't over-do the amount of shorts.

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One coat that can be used in both winter and autumn will do a lot.

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These can be used for under your wintercoat or for the spring/summer. One will be enough, too!

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I always see this as a season thing. One shoe for every season. This could be one pair of heels, boots, sneakers and flipflops.

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