This is for the suffering ones. For the ones without hope, for the ones with the broken hearts. The ones without inspiration, the ones without happiness.

I know a strangers words cannot heal. But you should know that we all have or have had this in common, the feeling of finding no hope. I want to create a challenge, my first, that goes to all the suffering ones. I want you to know stories that make you feel like you´re not alone in feeling like this.

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If you want to participate in this challenge, i simply want you to share an experience you´ve had about feeling hopeless, that people may get inspiration from, or simply the comfort of not feeling alone. If you dont wish to be personal, you can also just write a letter on your thoughts about it. Just have the goal to be helpful. Please also tag the article, so everyone know what its about.

Here´s my story;

The feeling of anxiety can be pretty awful for the body. I know everyone experience anxiety different ways. I get shivers. My body sort of loses its control, and my body starts shaking. I remember a particular episode, when i was sitting in the classroom. My teacher had just moved my table all the way to the first line, and it was just like i felt everyone´s breath in my neck. I couldnt move. I couldnt even drink from my bottle. I can still remember the thoughts exploding in my mind, "what if the teacher asks me something", "i feel like i cant breathe". For people without social anxiety this may seem not that awful. But for me, dealing with social anxiety a big part of my life, this was an horrible experience.

That was also my first panic attack. After that day in school my body was completely broken, and i slept for hours once i came home. This was also years ago. I always believed that the feeling of anxiety would never leave me. That i never would become calmer, always feeling a bit nervous. This is the feeling that i want you to not trust. The feeling that you´re always going to feel like this. Cause thats not true. Somehow you will get better, bit by bit. My anxiety went away as i grew older. I found new perspectives, graduated and became calmer. It may sound like im really old haha, but im just 19. And i know for a fact that once i stopped caring so much about what other people thought of me it went away for good. Once i got difference experinces and new values i wasnt afraid anymore. You may not find comfort in how i got better, but my point is that i had the feeling of feeling hopeless a big part of my life. But recovery happened to me, and i never had the wildest idea about that happening.

I hope you found comfort in this article, or inspiration to write one similiar! I think this theme is so important nowadays, and young people should know that their suffering does not go unseen.

I tag three wonderful girls;

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