Hey everyone.
Today I'm going to write about things that make me feel better.
I hope i can be your inspiration.

Sports can make you feel better.
You have more energy so more sense to do things.

You have a lot of music styles.
Create a playlist of the music you like.
Listen to it, try to discover more songs.
That is how you will be distracted. You think less about the sad sides of life.

Social contact.
Talking to people ensures that your day lasts less.
For example: during work, going out and so on.

Find a hobby.
For me that is: writing, going to festivals, being creative, photographing and listening to music. (of course I have many more hobbies)
Try to discover your hobby and spend time on it.
You also focus on other things.

Hopefully you had something about this!
You can always send me a postcard.