Hello everyone. i know, happiness is hard to find BUT there are some ways to be happy!

  • Food

It's simple but food makes me REALLY happy.😍 I mean, like, bring me a cake or a donut even a pizza or some things like that make my day so much better.

desserts, food, and sweets image donuts and sweet image food and pizza image fruit and food image
this is Heaven 😍
  • Friends

Okay, you don't really need friends to be happy. but it can help. being with some friends, joking, eating, laughing, staring at the stars in the night.. This can makes you happy.

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  • Animals

When I see a little puppy or a kitten, I feel in love with it.

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Look at this snail, isn't it so cute?

You shouldn't care about what people think about you. Often, people are jealous or just stupid and bad, so don't listen to what they said. Live your life, be happy, do what you want to do and don't give a f**k of what they say.

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Just live your life and you'll feel so much better!