Here are some songs that i`ve been obsessed and that remember me of Summer <3

Best Friend by Rex Orange County

alternative, best friend, and rex orange county image rex orange county, REX, and sunflower image

Lover Boy from Phum Viphurit

love, couple, and kiss image

Dræm Girl from No Vacation

Temporarily removed band, flowers, and indie image

Stay Away From My Baby by Banes World

death, bane, and banes world image shane blanchard and banes world image

Cherry Cola by Kuwada

aesthetic, vintage, and cherry image
i want to go to the beach

Throught and Throught from Khai dreams

aesthetic, indie, and pink image

Tratame Suavemente from Soda Stereo

boy, music, and rock image Temporarily removed
my mom in her 20s listened to this

So Sad, So Sad from Varsity

Temporarily removed

Falling for U from Peachy!

lips, peach, and pink image
catchy n romantic

(She`s) Just a Phase from Puma Blue

Mature image
90s grunge aesthetic

Some by Steve Lacy

the internet, golfwang, and steve lacy image bam margera, jackass, and Johnny Knoxville image

I know this is kinda messy 🌼 But if you have any song recommendations remember to message me! Hope y`all have a nice day ;)