It's a Shōnen

Name : Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyōshitsu)
Genre : Comedy, Science Fiction
Manga : 21 Volumes
Anime : 47 episodes (2 seasons)

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Karasuma ♡

Plot :

After the destruction of 70% of the moon by a giant yellow octopus monster, the earth is threatened. This creature has to be killed before the end of the school year or he will destroy the planet. But he has a request, he want to be the teacher of the class 3-E of a prestigious school. This class is the "trash class", where there are the students who don’t have the level or the behavior for being in a good one. These students have one year to be form as murderer in order to kill this monster. Under the pressure, they will contribute and help each other to win the money offered by the government for whoever is able to kill him.

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My opinion :

This anime (I didn’t read the manga) is one of my favorite. He gave me all of the emotion, from laughing to crying. I was really sad when I ended it. It can really teach some things about the life even if it a science fiction. I’m sure you will never regret the choice of watching it so let’s do it ! (OMG the end, I never cried so much)

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My favorite character :

anime, assassination classroom, and ansatsu kyoushitsu image
Nagisa Shiota

The mark I give :


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