hi guys, it me again <3 hope you don't mind me stopping by

this time around i thought i'd share what i carry in my bags? i bring two bags to school - my backpack and my purse, so i'd like to share what i bring in those two with you guys <3 tag along!

i major in psychology, social studies and english at second year high school. god, i can't wait to graduate next year though.

well, onto what we all came here for: the bags.

my purse

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first of all! it's a very simple and classic cross body bag. it's black and handmade by a woman in my hometown area, so it's also pretty unique, which i like!

what do i then carry in it, you ask?

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- when the weather allows it, i bring my sunglasses - at most times it's my brown/gold rayband, unless my outfit goes with pink. (sometimes i bring lollipops in my purse as well, whoops)
- i would never leave the house for without my fenty beauty gloss bomb!!!! i swear by it!
- also never leave without my headphones. never.
- i have so dry hands, so i carry a rather large hand and nail care lotion with me everywhere i go. i couldn't do without.
- i also always bring some hair elastics (i like coloured hair elastics, heh) and bobby pins! you never know when you're gonna need them.
- and my wallet of course! my cards, money and important info and stuff is kept in my wallet.
- gum. do i need say more?
- lip balm!!!! important af!!!
- my phone. i never go anywhere without it.
- and ofc my keys.
- stuff to handle my period with. pads, tampons you name it.
- painkillers for when my period a pain or people are giving me headaches.

my backpack

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it's a bright yellow classic backpack from tommy hilfiger. very roomy, thank god.

so, what do i carry in it?

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- my laptop of course! i would be nowhere without that one.
- sometimes i bring the book i'm reading at the moment. just in case i get a cancelled class, get stuck at school or something.
- i have colours in my bag. i always use them when i'm in a boring class and i need time to pass.
- textbooks & notebooks of course!
- water, smoothies, coffee, tea, coke? sometimes everything. okay, i always bring water with me. and i usually switch between smoothies and coffee, depends on the morning i'm having. when i'm sick i bring tea instead. and when i have a long day (usually with a lot of free periods between classes) i bring a coke.
- i usually bring my lunch to school, but if i've been busy i buy lunch at school. (hella expensive though)
- of course i have my pencil case with me! in it i have pencils, pens, markers, colours and stuff like that.
- of course i also bring my chargers.

i think that's it you guys! hope you enjoyed it!
well, thank you for reading.

- glittermxxd. x