I love albums. It's an artists heart and soul at that point in time. I love listening to music in playlists or mixtapes, but there's something special about connecting with a particular album that you can go back to time and time again. Just hit play on the first song without shuffle, sit back and let it take you to your favourite mind places. After loving and enjoying albums from some of my favourite artists, there are some upcoming works that I am super excited for...


Oh my. Sigrid has to be my favourite artist at the moment and one to watch. She came on the scene in 2017 with 'Don't Kill My Vibe', a punching song written after been talked down to by a male producer. I loved the song from the get go, it's empowerment in keeping it real and the freedom in knowing that you should never put up with people treating you with disrespect. Plus, the producing - it's awesome, along with every other song that Sigrid has released. I love the sound and instrument choices and how they're used. Plot Twist, Fake Friends and Dynamite made up the rest of her first EP - all bangers between production and songwriting. Her artistry is to be commended. She writes about things that are personal to her and about things she believes in, and she controls her sound and calls the shots about the directions she is taking her music - also, all at the age of 21. From Norway, I reckon, and hope, that she will continue to be a trailblazer within the music scene even more than she is now. She's been writing and recording her album for 2018 and has released a couple of songs already. Another banger, Strangers, and sweeter songs, Raw and I Don't Wanna Know. In already hearing unreleased songs from live shows, I know that it's definitely gonna keep up with and hopefully surpass her successes with the amazing songs that she's released so far. I am. SO. Excited for it :)

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All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend was Aurora's first album. Also Norwegian, she released it in 2016 as an 18 year old. She's an incredible artist that is deeply connected to her music and writes songs that can be dark at times, meaningful, emotional, empowering and powerful. They really are her heart and soul, and it is so beautiful as well as whimsical and passionate. Her first album talked about some of the hard and sad parts of life, but so well, deeply and truthfully, and it was her sharing what she's about - with 'Warrior', one of my favourite songs of hers, she calls on being sensitive yet strong and fearless in facing the battles of life. And her fans identity as 'Warriors and Weirdos', isn't that beautiful. She is an avid songwriter but has been carefully curating the track list and recording for her second album, hopefully to be released some time in 2018. Once again from watching performances online, I've already memorised lyrics to her upcoming songs, and her recent shows have revealed arrangements that are most likely dissimilar to her studio versions. And they are awesome! Between Soft Universe, Queendom, The Seed, it's going to be a 'lighter' album in terms of comparatively to the emotional weight that was her first, but her songwriting is something so wonderful and I can't wait to see in full how it reflects what she wants to share at this time. I'm so excited to experience the amazing producing that her and her team are so good at creating, and to play these songs and album on repeat !

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Troye Sivan

Oh my my my...;) What a song. This and The Good Side are such beautiful glimpses into what's coming next from him, and crank up my anticipation so much ! I only discovered him properly and Blue Neighbourhood, his first album released at the end of 2015, at the beginning of his year, but gosh, the love and respect I have for it..it captures youth and all the feels so well. He is another artist that knows how to stay true to himself and is writing songs that he believes in and reflects what's going on with him at that time. His singles from his upcoming album of 2018 My My My, is just the pure joy of being with someone - it's such a feel good song, expressed beautifully. And The Good Side, is heartbreakingly beautiful in reflecting on his break up during his last album where he got the good side, touring the world and finding new love. He's beautiful, my gosh. His new album will be something great.

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Astrid S

Everything from Astrid S has been fire. Again from Norway - yep I'm a pretty big fan of their music scene.. after placing fifth in their Norwegian Idol, she's been releasing singles and ep's that have been so good. Another talented youngen, (currently 21 years old) her songs are badass and their production is amazing. I'm not sure what it is with Norwegian producers, it must be something in the water ;) She's been in the studio for quite a bit of time, so hopefully she'll be sharing some of it soon, hopefully in an album too. Like a lot of the artists that I love, she is a great songwriter and is an artist staying true to herself. I always look forward to anything from this chick !

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Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers came onto the scene with 'Alaska' a song she wrote when she moved out there and the scerenity of it cleared her head and gave her the opportunity to find parts of herself again after a break up. It's such a cool song. Once again, she is an amazing songwriter that sings about personal things and puts them in a beautiful, honest and clever way. The production of her songs are also really cool, and different. Sort of chill, sort of electronic, sort of indie...I'm not too sure how to describe it, but I like it. And it's paired with the uniqueness of her voice. She released more music in 2017, including singles and an EP, pretty much all of which really spoke to me and I enjoy so much. She's currently taking some time off to make an album after touring for the first time, and I am so excited for any new music she comes out with.

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I hope you enjoyed this. One for the music lovers. Happy listening and hope you're having a wonderful day/night wherever you are. Take care :) xx