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So recently there are a lot of amazing Tags going on here on WHI so I thought, why not create my own? And since I saw so many lookbooks and mood boards here on WHI this idea came into my mind and now i really want to share it with you ♡

This Tag is like a lookbook, but not with looks, it is with sounds. So basically I am sharing my favourite sounds of summer with you, but if you want you can share sounds of spring, winter... I think you get the idea, right?
So let´s get started with this...

The Ocean

Oh god, just hearing the waves is instantly transforming me into major summer vibes and it is like I can smell the salty air from the ocean and feel a soft breeze.

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I love hearing birds sing outside and in summer I literally open my window all day so I can hear them. And isn´t it beautiful if the singing of birds is waking you up in the morning? Of course together with the sun shining on your nose :)

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Grass cutter

This may seem absurd but when I was younger every summer our neighbours were cutting their grass and I got so used to it that it now doesn´t bother me at all. It is just a part of summer for me and let´s do not forget the smell of fresh green grass... amazing, right?

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Chill out playlists

I love a good chill out song and they really give me so summer vibes. Do you know the feeling whenyou listen to a song and suddenly you start to imagine that you are on a road trip, somewhere on an empty street listening to that song and singing it together with your friends?

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Last but not least, the sound of bees. I know that it is getting annoying if they fly around your head for a million times, but it is the sound of summer for me :)

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...and everyone who loves summer :) I really hope this is a fun tag to do for you guys.

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