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How did you discover the series/books?

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At first I wasn't interested in the show at all. The medieval, fantasy side really didn't appeal to me. It's just recently that I decided to watch the show. I didn't know which series to watch this monts and a lot of people were talking about GOT so I wanted to try. I watched the first episode one afternoon and finished season one the next day.

Who is your favourite house?

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Without hesitation, , the Stark house! We don't understand why the spell is against the house that seems to be the most sympathetic.

Who is your favourite character from House Stark?

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Definitely Jon, a he’s not technically a Stark but I fucking love him omg

Who is your favourite character from House Lannister?

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I love Jaime. I love how he evolved during the show. And i like his relation with Brienne

Who is your favourite character?

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Hard to choose, hummm but I'd say jon or dany omg. I am so basic. To be honest idk I love themn all !!

Who is your least favourite character?

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I hate with all my heart Ramsay. He's the most cruelest, the most horrible and the most meanest character in the series. I HATE HIM SO MUCH !!!

If you could be one of the characters, who would you be and why?

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One of the Sandsnakes. They’re so badass, I love them :)

Who is your Game of Thrones crush?

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Robb Stark, when he died, I thought I was having a heart attack.

Who is your favourite couple?

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My favourite couple is Missandei and Grey worm. They are so cute together.

What is your favourite episode or season? (Spoiler Alerte)

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My favorite episode is The Winds of Winter (season 6 episode 10) Jon Snow, falls into Ramsay Bolton's trap during the battle of the bastards. But Petyr Baelish and his army save Jon. Snow comes out victorious and massacres Ramsay's scary face with a big punch. Sansa Stark delivers it to his dogs, who eat it alive.

Cersei burns Baelor's Grand Septuary. Margaery, who felt the blow coming, tries to get out of there, but it's too late. She dies in the flames with her brother, I was Shocked.
The young king throws himself out the window of his palace.
There is the coronation of Cersei, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Long May She Reign.
Arya Stark kills Walder Frey The Monty Python-Frey family is decimated, the Starks finally avenged.
And there is also the speech of young Lyanna Mormont for all the bannerets of the North to bend their knees and designate Snow as the new "King of the North".
And we learn that Jon Snow is indeed a Targaryen descendant.
This episode was totaly amazing.

Thank you for reading :)