Hi. I love music so much and I listen to music all the time. These are some of my favorite songs and what I feel their aesthetics are:

soap - melanie martinez

grunge, purple, and soft purple image red, girl, and sad image bathtub, cold, and cry image Abusive image knife, tumblr, and aesthetic image Image removed

1901 - birdy

Temporarily removed window, rain, and vintage image Temporarily removed girl, vintage, and room image love, couple, and nature image Image removed

new year's day - taylor swift

fireworks, gold, and theme image Image removed Temporarily removed feet, glitter, and gold image fun, girls, and memories image Image by lamia

help me out - maroon 5 & julia michaels

blue, aesthetic, and hands image quotes, aesthetic, and help image love, couple, and hug image overthinking, quote, and life image Temporarily removed couple, love, and art image

dear no one - tori kelly

alone, forever alone, and valentine image alone, couple, and grunge image dance, couple, and black and white image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed empire, single, and taken image

This is my first ever article, so thanks for checking this out. (I love you.)

Tell me what you think and let's be friends. 😊

- erika