Hi you,
I've seen a lot of 'my name in...' articles and now I'm making one :)

rm, 2018, and bangtan image asian, late late show, and bangtan image
I - I Need U, BTS
alt, dolores, and rock image zombie and black and white image
Z - Zombie, The Cranberries
gif image awake, header, and bts image
A- Awake, BTS
bts, aesthetic, and jungkook image bts, jungkook, and kpop image
B- Blood, Sweat & Tears, BTS
Abusive image logic image
E- Everday, Logic
gif, bts, and jimin image Temporarily removed
L- Lie, BTS
all star, confidence, and quote image Temporarily removed
A- All Star, Smash Mouth

so yeah my name is Izabela, a bit different.

enjoy your day.