A problem a lot of us face is having to attend a formal occasion but “having nothing to wear”. There are ways, however, to turn a typically casual attire (eg. jeans and a basic tee)
into something fancy, and dressy.
Here are a few tips you could follow in order to do that:

Cinderella who!?

Shoes changed Cinderella’s life for the better and I’m sure that when you have the appropriate shoes it will be life changing for you, too. What are the right shoes though? If it was me,I would make sure to own a pair of black or nude heels. Black heels are sassy but also classy. Black can be matched with everything and can also represent one’s soul, so you are covered girl! Nude heels give the illusion that your feet are “nude” and therefore allow you to wear any other colors you wish, since its as if you aren’t wearing any other colors in the first place.This makes it easier for you to mix and match. So, buy them Nudes honey! (K, that sounded wrong).
Wearing heels will give the idea that you are dressed up, cause who else wears heels in a casual manner? Definitely not me!
So grab yourself a pair, and who knows you might find your Prince Charming on your way there!

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With the right pair of shoes, you can even conquer the world!

Wearing earrings, especially ones that are more eye-catching eg. big hoops, weird shaped earrings etc. will show formality to your outfit. This is because, they show that your outfit has that 'extra spice' that not ones' casual attire usually has. If you really want your earrings to make a change, I wouldn't recommend to wear studs as they are kind of subtle. So dare to go bold and it will pay off, I promise!

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I'm going through hoop face right now, so bare with me lol


Handbags that have 'extravaganza' written all over them will automatically turn an everyday look to a slay-girl one. In my opinion, smaller handbags are more suitable for such occasions, especially cross-body and clutch bags. Bulkier bags are more appropriate for an everyday use since they can fit all the necessities you need. Small bags on the other hand, can fit just about everything you need for your hang out and also help you to look cute. So, you get two in the price of one!

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Necklaces, eg. metal necklaces, chokers etc. can complement your bare neck and often give your outfit that 'missing something' it needs. If you want to be extra, you might as well stack a few necklaces instead of only one. And who knows, you might even get to share a story through your pendants!

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I'm sure that all of us have seen the Gucci belt trend floating around and even though some might try to deny it, the belt does make a change to your outfit. When you put on a belt, you can take any pants automatically out of the boring-zone. Now, you don't have to be boujee and buy a Gucci belt, there are tones of cheap alternatives you could purchase, that are equally as cute.

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Then she went and put that booty on that Gucci belt * Chance The Rapper voice*


Wearing even just a tiny bit of makeup makes you seem less informal since it looks like you actually tried. Now don't get me wrong, instagram makeup is indeed gorgeous but if your makeup skills aren't great, even some mascara and a liquid lip can make a huge difference. However, never forget that you don't need makeup to make you look 'pretty', or 'good enough', you are beautiful just the way you are. If you use makeup just so you can look pretty or so that you can 'fit in' then you are doing it wrong. Makeup is there to help some of your features to stand out, make you look formal and help you feel good about yourself, but by any means makeup isn't there to make you beautiful. You don't need it to be beautiful because you already are, in and out. Never underestimate yourself.

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That's all for today's article, huns!
Love, Mimi♡

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