Since my last articles got so many reactions I decided to do the this or that tag so u guys can get to know me better

Coffee or Tea

Temporarily removed tea, gold, and aesthetic image
i prefer tea because it is healhtier
green tea is very good for your body
also a good alternative for water if the water gets to boring sometimes
there are many many other good teas you just had to look for one which is good for you

Chocolate or Vanilla

gelato, biscuit, and chocolate image ice cream, food, and white image
depends on my mood

Cats or Dogs

girl, ravenclaw, and cute image bed, comfy, and decor image
both because i have 4 cats now but when i move into my own house someday I really want a pitbull

Single or Taken

girl, beauty, and hair image couple, love, and goals image
I am in a happy relationship with my soulmate

Tattoos or Piercings

tattoo, rose, and flowers image piercing, earrings, and ear image
I have some ear piercings like the girl on the picture but i want to get a tattoo when I am 18

Summer or Winter

summer, beach, and sea image aesthetic, alternative, and art image
I hateeee snow so much but I can´t really enjoy the heat during the summer

Fruits or Vegetables

food, yummy, and FRUiTS image food, healthy, and yummy image
I eat both a lot but I´m loving fruits a little bit more

Films or Books

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In the past i read a lot book but now I love to watch films or series

Colorful or Minimized

aesthetic, colorful, and style image black, fashion, and clothes image
Minimized i like to go simple with my clothes and dress them up with some jewellery

Europe or USA

paris, flowers, and travel image travel, venice, and italy image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I was at many places in Europe and I loved it but in the future i want to travel to the USA and see some cool places

iOS or Android

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my first phone was a Samsung but now I am into iPhones and i could not switch anymore

Swimming or Sunbathing

beach, summer, and blue image bikini, girl, and spring image
sunbathing because i dont´t like swimming that much

Glasses or Contacs

girl, makeup, and hair image air, blue eyes, and eyebrows image
I must wear glasses

Gold or Silver

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and again it depends on my mood but I love both

Roses or Daisies

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Roses I love roses no matter where or what, I drink rose tea or use rose product for my skin

McDonald´s or Burger King

food, hamburger, and fries image food, burger, and fries image
I eat both but I like McDonald´s more (and now I am hungry)

Shower or Tub

Abusive image Image removed

Forest or Beach

adventure, explore, and nature image beach, girl, and fashion image
The forest has something magical but i rather be at the beach

Heels or Sneakers

beautiful, gold, and heels image shoes, nike, and sneakers image
I would love to wear heels but I am so tall that I don´t think it looks pretty and I think I am not able to walk in these but I also love a good old pair of sneakers

Singing or Dancing

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I enjoy singing even if it does not sound good

That was it and I hope u enjoyed this ⁂

xoxo Giuliana