• Love and Mercy
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This Bryan Wilson biopic opened at Berlin back in 2015 and sadly too many people missed it. It doesn't matter if you are a Beach Boys fan or not, one is very capable of enjoying this film with very little knowledge about the band or the person behind it. It takes you on a journey into different stages of Bryans life, and trust me everyone who has ever felt betrayed, left behind, mistreated or misunderstood will see themselves in Bryan at some point in this film. It is sad, funny, filled with hope and has an amazing soundtrack.

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  • Midnight in Paris
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If my soul where a movie, this would be it. A struggling American screenwriter is looking for the meaning of life (and love), while time-traveling to a 1920 Paris. This movie is the "Ready Player One" of 20ies nostalgia. It features cameos from all your favorite writers (Hemmingway, Fitzgerlad), musicians (Cole Porter), painters (Picasso, Dali, Degas) and filmmakers (Bunuel). Even if you are not into the whole 20ies scene, this film is a love letter to everyone who thinks their lives would be better if they were born in another decade. And it looks beautiful....

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  • Inglorious Basterds
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This movie certainly isn't for everyone. But if you don't mind dark humor and occasional over-the-top violence you will find a few of the smartest and stunningly crafted scenes modern cinema has to offer. (Opening and the bar scene) At the center of it is one of the most underrated female character in film history (Shosanna,) the "you hate yourself for liking him" Nazi Hans, a surprisingly hilarious Brad Pitt, and the infamous Bearjew (and Hitler of cause). It is a stunning looking piece of art, that has the balls to rewrite history, even changing how I look at it.

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