This is my first article (!!!) and Imma be doing the abc challenge 😊 The article that inspired me to do it was this one ⇩

a - age

16 duuuude

pink, cake, and aesthetic image Image by traputa love, marry, and quotes image people, quotes, and temporary image

b - birthday month

december, the best month ever :)

Image removed Temporarily removed anastasia, art, and princess image Image removed
p.s. the bear one is such a mood

c - car you want some day

1964 ford mustang (preferably a convertible)

Temporarily removed Abusive image 64, car, and cool image beautiful, beauty, and car image

d - dogs or cats?

i love my cat but i love my dogs more...💓

dog, girl, and animal image dog, funny, and battle image dog, cute, and husky image dog, cute, and animal image
alaskan malamute is my dream dog

e - everyday is...

to be lived to it's fullest

smile, pink, and quotes image Image removed girl, sky, and sunset image quotes, pink, and sky image

f - favorite song

oh jeez...i guess it's currently kindness is hot by ben katzman (you can find it on bandcamp.com)

quotes, words, and kind image art and boy image quotes and love image Image removed

g - grade

sophomore ✌

school, yellow, and vintage image Inspiring Image on We Heart It school, funny, and quote image quotes, aesthetic, and locker image

h - height

lol, im like 5'2" or 3"

African, Afro, and attitude image funny, relationships, and short girls image funny and cute image Temporarily removed
just text pictures but they're very accurate

i - in love with

socks, books, oldies music, tea

article, flowers, and yellow image book and phone image aesthetic, alternative, and background image brooch, etsy, and jewelry image

j - jealous of

people who have the money to travel the world

colorado, family vacation, and beautiful beaches image ireland, photography, and seaside image travel, pink, and Greece image purple, shadow, and beautiful image

k - kiss, marry, kill

(out of my three favorite celebs)
kiss alex lawther,
marry cole sprouse,
kill matty healy

netflix and theendofthefuckingworld image Image removed coachella, funny, and reaction image ily, kiss me, and love me image
lol the picture of matty has me dead, it doesnt match at all

l - last time you cried

this song ⇩

fluorescent light, boa, and mint image 0, bitter, and damp image cemetery, black and white, and flowers image Abusive image

m - motto

"give love, give kindness"

couple, give, and I Love You image face, foot, and look image meme, kermit, and heart image quotes and love image

n - favorite number

multiples of two. yeah, im weird.

numbers, photography, and typography image four, numbers, and yellow image eight, number 8, and numbers image numbers, photography, and signage image

o - one wish


sky, clouds, and aesthetic image architecture, art, and aesthetic image city, montmartre, and paris image Image by ☘•H•A•T•R•E•R•☘

p - person you love most

my best friend

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed best friend, bff, and funny image grey's anatomy, cristina yang, and best friends image

q - quote

"you shouldn't like things just because people tell you you're supposed to." -jonathan

stranger things, charlie heaton, and boy image stranger things, wallpaper, and eleven image stranger things, quotes, and netflix image stranger things, charlie heaton, and natalia dyer image

r - reasons to be happy

whatever makes you happy :)

anime, sailor moon, and food image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

s - song last sang

girls like me by will joseph cook

concert, cool, and gig image Mature image will joseph cook image declan mckenna and will joseph cook image

t - the best movie you've seen

the breakfast club

80s, molly, and movie image Temporarily removed heart, quotes, and The Breakfast Club image Image removed

u - unpopular opinion

milk is gross

dylan and cole sprouse and got milk? image Image removed olsen, olsen twins, and ashley image Image removed

v - vacation destination


sea image Temporarily removed travel, pink, and summer image pool, Greece, and summer image

w - worst habit

biting my nails

pink, lips, and red image black&white, stressed, and manga boy image biting, boy, and Dream image Temporarily removed

x - xbox one or ps4

i have both but ps4 better tbh

game and ps4 image chilling, console, and gamer image console, game, and gamer image Temporarily removed

y - your favorite food

pasta, pasta, and pasta

Image by ♔ ᏚąᎰąą MᏫĦąɱƏđ ♔ Temporarily removed pasta image basil, beef, and chilli image


sagittarius ♐

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed purple, art, and aesthetic image

byeeee ✨ ~