I need to know
I need to truly know
what i am feeling.

grasping these
thin, opaque
impossible fireflies
is like grasping a bonfire
where women dance in circles

and small circles,
and inner circles around;
you just couldn't get around these
damn dancing ladies,
twirling sometimes
chanting the incoherent

these lyrics an algorithm kin to the one
of the heavy
futile organ; the one where the noise
emanated through
in the first place.

we talk about fires like sentimental creatures.
and divine.
but its just a fire.
you touch it
you burn.
you aren't inquisitive; you know the whole issue
with the fires.
once you see it
you know when to run.

so maybe feelings aren't little fires after all.
Feelings are thin, opaque impossible fireflies.

one out of a million of us
can simply reach out
to these insects through the hopeless
heavy dusk
and burn.

But i need to know
i need to truly know
what i am feeling.