sorry its kinda lengthy...


Things are quite mellow right now
Life is still a fog but I can see
I don't know but I feel like good things are to come
Many challenges will be cleared before I encounter them
I think honeybee will fly this year
I feel like honeybee will fly this year
I feel like honeybee will land on me
And share their sweet honey, I will share mine as well
2 years later
Honeybee died on July 27th 2017
It took honeybee 2 years to die
The longest 2 years any bee could take
2 years with only a few words
A few glances while flying about
But mostly abcence to my being
2 years ago honeybee had stung me
Without any notice
But I wanted to get stung
I stuck my arm out and waited
It took no time for him to sting me
But yes I wanted to get stung
Oblivious and blinded by the side effects that struck me so quickly
But still I was glad to be stung
Honeybee had such character
Character was everything to me
Fantasy. Heartache. Feelings. Emotions. Passion. Confidence. Motivation.
Thank you Honeybee you brought all of these to me
Such useful things that made me grow as a young woman of wisdom and pride
So no
I will never regret being stung, but the want continued to grow
The want to be a Honeybee just so you would notice the one you stung
And how you opened her eyes to see you
Enough to be stung
Enough to be changed and understand that I can't be a Honeybee
But that's okay
You taught me how to take your gifts and make them apart of me
You taught me that no matter who stung me I should always have these things
So thank you
You're gone now but your sting is still there
And I feel it when I let go of myself
Honeybee Stung