Welcome to the 7th day of this challenge, today it'll be about my collection:

What is it about?

In this collection you will find, as the title says, AMAZING PICTURES, great quality & mostly nature. This is kind of a photography collection.
I have another collection named 'Cameras || Photography 📷'; the difference is that in that collection there's more simple photos than in this one.

compass, evening, and hand image CI image sea, blue, and waves image beautiful, inspiration, and lights image

Why did I create it?

I think this is the first collection I made because there were a lot of this type of photos around We Heart It at the moment. Besides, they're trully gorgeous images.

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Favourite Images

house, dark, and grunge image flowers, tumblr, and nature image forest, animal, and deer image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It nature, sky, and sea image Image removed Temporarily removed eye, eyes, and brown image nature, ocean, and dark image ocean, sea, and cup image rainbow, nature, and road image clouds, sea, and sky image lava, nature, and photography image

I think this is a very creative collection and the people who took/made these pictures are very freakin' talented.🖤
Thanks for reading!!! xx

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