⇢ hey, guys! this is my first article ever! i wanted to do something nice and regular to keep you guys updated. my account is growing gradually and so i wanted you to know a bit more about me.
⇢ k-pop is a very prominent part of my everyday life [i listen to it every day :) ], so i wanted to upload a playlist that i would update monthly. the playlist will feature tracks that i'd enjoyed that month and since it's April at the time of this being written, this playlist would be the APRIL edition. this is also a pt.1 as new music is always being released and more tracks would be added to the list!
⇢ i will be doing this for non-kpop related music as well so stay tuned ;)
⇢ anyways, let's begin...

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST : https://open.spotify.com/user/vulfab20/playlist/4TuiZAOcgTP5OZXOYMBoao?si=7XgQkh_yQQ6zklwVZFA6KA

✧ Giddy Up

aesthetic, asian, and boys image

I remember watching the video and being speechless because they have the full package. I immediately wanted to stan!
they definitely deserve all the hype and love they can get. so go and stan these boys now.

✧ Adore U

gif, adore u, and soonyoung image
i'm officially a carat!

so i'm a new carat thanks to this amazing song! i know it's their debut song and i'm like 2-3 years late but oh well.
this is one of the few debut songs i can thoroughly enjoy. it's so catchy and addictive!

✧ Jealousy
↪ Monsta X

asian, black and white, and boys image
why are you talking about shownu?

again, this song is super catchy and gets glued to you!
please show them lots of love as they just had a comeback! [also listen to Falling. it's my new hype song!]

✧ GO

nct and nct dream image
ok, but haechan's high note is really something legendary

don't even get me started on how much i love NCT! they are my ultimate bias group. if you don't stan NCT DREAM or the other sub-units, DO IT NOW!
I loved everything about this comeback [although it was an abrupt concept change]. the outfits, the aesthetics, the video, the song, just everything! tbh, this was worthy of a win!

↪ NCT 127

gif, kpop, and SM image
i'm soft uwu!

once again, NCT are my ults and i love them to bits. i loved the concept as well. it was refreshing and very different from their usual theme!
the song is so good and so is the whole album. STAN TALENT, STAN NCT, STREAM EMPATHY ;)

✧ Shine

gif, pentagon, and shine image
stan these underrated kings!

before i'd watched the video, i actually hadn't ever heard of them. they are extremely underrated and deserve your love and appreciation as they just had a comeback!
this is a whole bop! the rap line really shun for me cause they are genuinely really good!

✧ Lady

asian, gif, and girl image
serving 90's vibes

this song is honestly one of my faves on this list because of the 90's rnb vibes!
the fashion and styling in the mv made me envious.

✧ Gettin' by

asian, beauty, and gif image
this doesn't have a mv so i used this instead :(

this is one of my favourite k-hh songs at the moment. it's really chill and laidback.

✧ OUTRO: Crack

bts, jin, and jimin image
・:*:・you are the cause of my euphoria・:*:・

last but not least, BTS [my ults before NCT] released their Japanese album Face Yourself and it honestly gives me the feels.
this outro just gives me "lofi hip-hop" vibes and i love it.
euphoria is so beautiful and i really wish it was the reel for another album :(

⇢ this brings us to the end of this playlist. hope you enjoyed it♥