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–– eminem, tonite

i grapple an axe for them bafflin' acts of mysterious stab-in-the-backs who dabble in wax.

–– nirvana, where did you sleep last night

my girl, my girl, don't lie to me. tell me, where did you sleep last night?

–– lil peep, the way i see things

i got a feeling that i'm not gonna be here for next year, so lets laugh a little before i'm gone.

–– portishead, biscuit

i'll never fall in love again. it's all over now.

–– snoh aalegra, sometimes (feat. logic)

sometimes i decide where i should be, and sometimes, life just happens to me.

–– massive attack, inertia creeps

inertia keeps moving up slowly; she comes moving up slowly.

–– the weeknd, next

baby who you calling soft? don't make me smoke up all your kush, don't make me pop your cheap ass pills i used to do this for the thrill.

–– arctic monkeys, 505

i'd probably still adore you with your hands around my neck, or i did last time i checked.

–– radiohead, karma police

for a minute there i lost myself, i lost myself.

–– amon tobin, easy muffin


–– mac miller, i am who i am (killin' time)

initial symptoms of schizophrenic behavior. the mind is like religion, can't agree on who's its savior.

–– sufjan stevens, visions of gideon

i have loved you for the last time; visions of gideon, visions of gideon.

–– harrison brome, fill your brains

you fill your brains to kill your pain.

–– jeff buckley, dream brother

cause they're waiting for you like i waited for mine, and nobody ever came.

–– amy winehouse, a song for you

i love you in a place where there's no space or time. i love you for my life.

–– pixies, where is my mind?

way out in the water, see it swimmin'.

–– gus black, don't fear the reaper

romeo and juliet are together in eternity; so come on baby, take my hand.

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