This is yet another article of the "If I Were A..." challenge that I am doing with @priscilla51 . Go check out her articles and feel free to do your own.
I hope you enjoy this article of me if I was a goddess.

(meaning "sky" in Greek)

My makeup

makeup, aesthetic, and clouds image Image by Dayanne Zuki makeup, stars, and glitter image blue, aesthetic, and makeup image makeup, beauty, and yellow image beauty, lips, and lipstick image makeup, hair, and pink image stars, aesthetic, and glitter image

My hair

girl, hair, and makeup image clouds, sky, and white image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed Image removed orange, silhouette, and sun image
matches the sky

My Kingdom

Temporarily removed castle, clouds, and fantasy image sky, grunge, and aesthetic image
Kingdom in the sky. Freedom in the clouds.

My style

fashion, mary, and Queen image dress, winter, and blue image dress, fashion, and white image Queen, crown, and dress image dress and fashion image Image removed Temporarily removed dress and white image

My accessories

gold, moon, and nice image fashion, diamonds, and beautiful image blue, elegant, and jewelry image Mature image Mature image edit, fantasy, and mythology image beautiful, crown, and elf image Image by Marcela Arroyo

Animal that represents me

Temporarily removed fox, snow, and animal image Temporarily removed fox, animal, and white image
arctic fox: symbolizes purity, divinity along with magic amidst ordinary things

I paint the sky with the power from my soul. I give you the stars, clouds, sunrises, sunsets and the galaxies. I paint you beauty from the heavens above to sooth your spirits.