Dose he see me.
Dose he know that i do it all for him.
Dose he know how hard it is to just go up and talk to him.

I ask myself all this everyday, i put in so much effort for a guy that doesn't even notice, For a guy that doesn't know my name.

Everything I've done to get him to see me, change my style. tried on make-up for the first time tried to act different. i thought that maybe if i changed who i was he would see me notice me at all.

I never wanted to be the girl that changes for a boy so that they notice her.I just wanted him to like me,talk to me but that didn't work.I even tried to go back to the girl that didn't care what people thought the girl that would sit in the corner read and never talk to anyone.

i was fine with how i was before but with just one look at a person can change your whole perspective and what you think. how just one look can make you feel so insecure. how can a guy i don't even know hold so much power on me and what i think or how i act.

He doesn't know me i don't know him.