i'm cole, and welcome to my first article! i thought i'd do an introduction as a starter.

hope you enjoy. ♡

personal stuff

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- i'm from the philippines, and moved to america when i was 3 1/2
- i'm currently in middle school
- i procrastinate a lot, tend to cry often, and drink an unhealthy amount of coffee
- i have lots of amazing friends i love so much that i want to squish and hug right now
- my aesthetic is a little bit of everything, and i change my style as often as i listen to music: almost everyday
- horror movies are my favorite. they're frighteningly amazing
- my sense of humor is both really strange and really dark
- i have a big desire for travelling and have always wanted to go to europe

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currently watching: the office
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favorite song: come through and chill (miguel)
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favorite music artists: bts, the weeknd, kendrick lamar
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most used apps: instagram, spotify, snapchat, weheartit
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fears: small spaces, failure, sharks
black, grunge, and theme image horror, movie, and scream image freak show, ahs, and american horror story image black, american horror story, and ahs image
favorite horror movies: the conjuring, annabelle, it follows, it

i didn't say that much, but i hope you enjoyed anyways!
love you.