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Today's entry is going to be very depressing ☹️

Day 6 - What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?

2 years ago my dog was stolen. She was a cute little chihuahua that always brought joy to the house. To me she was everything, so waking up to the news that she was no longer home completely broke my heart. 💔 Losing her led me to depression. Now I know some of you may be thinking it's dumb to become depressed over losing a dog, or a pet for that matter. Most of you will probably think to yourselves "It's just a dog. Get over it." But she was more than just a dog, she was family. She always made me happy whenever I was feeling sad or mad. I loved playing with her. I think it's a dogs unconditional love & loyalty that makes us dog owners love them so much & be attached to them, because no human ever would be that loyal or unconditional to you. Because to society "they're just dogs" I ignored my sadness telling myself to get over it & that it wasn't right for me to feel what I was feeling over a dog. I felt embarrassed & ashamed. I only made my depression worse. A couple days later after having lost our chihuahua, my mom decided to get another dog, I guess it was her way of coping with the grief we all had. I grew attached to our new dog very fast, so when the owner of our house told us to give it away because she didn't want it there, I broke down. We gave him away exactly a year later after our chihuahua was stolen. But throughout that one year that our bordoodle was with us, I developed anxiety. Every time I would leave my house I always imagined the worse. While our chihuahua was feisty & didn't like anyone but me & my family, our bordoodle was kind & liked everyone. So as you can imagine he only made me feel worse. I know to many people a dog whose kind with everyone is a good trait, but to me it wasn't, it was the worst trait he could possibly have. It's now been two years since our chihuahua has been gone & one year since our bordoodle was given away. Let's just say I'm still depressed & anxious.

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If you made it this far, thanks for reading my article. It was not easy writing this. Tears were shed. 😭


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