I just wanted to mean something to you. To someone . Learning you're not important to some who is important to you is so painful. Especially when it happens more then once.

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And you know you're partly to blame for them not liking you. If you were more desirable. And then you get stuck, between hating yourself and loving yourself. You hate yourself for not being more lovable. But you have to love yourself because you are all you have. It's not like you can change who you are.

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Eventually...you have to let go. Letting go is painful, but holding on is worse. Even if it dose not feel like it at first, the more you let go...the happier you will be.You will be able to put all your time and energy into getting what you want. When people don't like you...you just don't care anymore. There's always going to be people who don't like you. But you can breathe easy. The opinions of others can effect you, no matter what you think. You are all you need. That in the end is what letting go is. Learning that you are all that you need.

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Saying goodbye to people sucks, losing who you are sucks. But in the end you have to look out for you and you alone. No one else is going to. You are going to be forced to let go. And you are going to end up more powerful and successful then you could have imagined.

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