A - Age

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17 y/o

B - Biggest Fear

grunge, quotes, and no way out image

Getting lost and no being able to find my way

C - Current Time

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I started it at 10:05pm but now it's 8:15, the next day.

D - Drink I Last Had

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Green Tea Peace Tea

E - Every Day Starts With

black, water, and glass image

A big glass of water

F - Favourite Songs

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All of Rag 'n'Bone Man's songs

G - Grossest Memory

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Getting sick in first grade but no one believing me until I puked in the class room sink

I - I'm In Love With

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No one

J - Jealous Of

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K - Killed Someone?

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Not that I know of

L - Last Time You Cried

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Just now...(I'm watching Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron)

M - Middle Name

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N - Number of Siblings

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1...a younger sister

O - One Wish

be strong, boss, and college image

To succeed at everything I put my mind to

P - Person you last called/texted

My partner in AP History

Q - Question you're always asked

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Is there something I was supposed to be doing?

R - Reason To Smile

dog, puppy, and toy poodle image

My dog

S - Song You Last Listened To

Why Do Fools Fall In Love - Frankie Lymen & The Teenagers (1956)

T - Time you woke up

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U - Underwear Colour

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V - Vacation Place

Image by acatdu59

Athens, Greece

W - Worst Habit

procrastination and words image

Procrastination (see C)

X - X-Rays You've Had

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A bunch for my teeth. I had braces in elementary/middle school and now I'm getting Invisalign so that's like 30 x-rays. I've also had one for a sinus infection. I broke my ankle years ago but I never went to a doctor so I didn't get an x-ray

Y - Your Favourite Food

food image

Greek wraps with calamari and baklava

Z - Zodiac Sign

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My star sign is Pisces but I was supposed to be an Aries and my Moon sign is Sagittarius

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