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Finding a signature fashion style can be hard to figure out. Today you could be into grunge fashion, and then 3 months later, classic style fashion. You might end up going around in circles; jumping from one style to another - desperately trying to find a style that best suits you. If you're currently going through this struggle, then this article will help you out:

1. Colours

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Colour can be a good way to define your personal style. You can choose colours that complement your skin tone and make you glow. If wearing bold colours makes you look amazing then stock up on some more crayola coloured clothing - This will give you a clear picture that your personal style is fun & playful. Once you discover that this your type of fashion style, you can accompany your vibrant outfits with more fun clothing pieces or neutral pieces that help will balance out your outfit.

2. Trends

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You can define your personal style based off following the latest fashion trends; perhaps you can be known as a fashionista that never misses out on the latest fashion trends.

If you don't want your personal style to be defined by following every fashion trend, then its okay because some fashion trends can be a little hit - or miss sometimes. Don't let instagram or society pressure you to follow all fashion trends that come out. you have to ask yourself if a specific trend will really suit you; only pick trends that you won't eventually regret following in the future.

Some fashion trends can help you discover what your personal style is by showing you new and fashionable ways of wearing certain clothes. This may make you fall in love with your new way of dressing so much, that you might end up deciding that that's how you wanna dress from now on.

3. Fashion Icons

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If you need some outfit inspo then try checking out what your fave beauty influencers, bloggers, instagram models or celebs are wearing. Take a screenshot of all their pictures/ outfits ( your favorite pics of them) and create a style moodboard to help organize your thoughts and make it easier for you to decide what look to create. You can be creative with your mood board by: writing down words that best describe the looks - this can help you give you an idea of what type of style you're into. Make sure you choose celebs or beauty influencers that define and synchronise with your taste in fashion.

4. Focus on your best clothing pieces

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Is there a certain outfit in your closet that boosts your confidence & self-esteem every time you put it on? & is there an outfit you wore and a lot of people showered in you in compliments because of how bomb you looked? if your answer is "yes", then define your style based on the types of clothes you look your best in. Make sure you take a picture of yourself whenever you feel your best in an outfit - that way you can use it as future reference for your next outfits.

5. Get rid of clothes you don't wear

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Donate any clothes you're no longer into, and see what types of clothes are left in your closet. If you notice that you got rid of a lot of formal, girly & dressy clothes - and you're left with a jeans, t-shirts, bomber jackets - then perhaps this means that your personal style is: casual street style. This is hands-down the simplest way to identify what your style is.

6. Find your personal style on WHI!

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There are so many beautiful aesthetically pleasing fashion pictures on WHI. When you're casually scrolling through the discover page, i'm sure you come across cool outfits that inspire you to dress in a similar way; I've done this a million times. I either save the image for inspiration or place it in my "fashion" collections so that I can go back there whenever I need some outfit ideas - you can do the same, as well!

If most of the outfits in your fashion collection have a specific vibe to them ( i.e. chic, street style vibes), then that will help clarify what your personal style is.

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