Hello everyone! Today I'm excited to be sharing my thrift store/ consignment shop tips and whatnot. If you are a thrift lover or even beginner these are tips that are tried and true. I'm on a thrift store high, as I have gotten some amazing new pieces recently so lets get started. (I'll upload my personal pictures of my favorite finds at the bottom)

1. Selective shop syndrome

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- selective shops can have good product sometimes but they usually charge higher for their "high end" items. All stores up prices for popular name brands but selective consignment shops are the WORST for second hand pricing. - They are useful for you clothing basics, selective boutiques are usually the Old Navy of thrift.

2. Check your local Goodwill/ Salvation Army/ Savers (whatever version is in your area)

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- These non selective donation shops carry a lot more stuff which is good and bad. i.e. You have to dig through more but there is buried treasure underneath - because they are non selective it's easy to find unique pieces that no one is in danger of stealing it's originality. Thrift shops make clothing one of a kind.

3. Hollister Abomination

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- No matter where you go you are going to be digging through a mountain of Hollister/ Aeropostale rejects from 2006. Hang in there.

4. Hot Spots

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- the places that get the most traffic are the jeans and tops sections. But if you look past what makes a basic outfit you can find more statement pieces (try this)
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Jackets: a lot of people over look the value of a jacket, not I. A jacket is a valuable clothing piece as well as a statement. All of my favorite jackets were acquired by thrifting.
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Dresses: This section is as well overlooked (except for prom/ homecoming season) but people (from what I've seen and bought) always donate the most interesting dresses, both in style and fabric. they are also easy to re work, by cutting off a bow or layering over something.
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Purses: In shops like Goodwill you can get a purse for $5 or lower (yes I have gotten at least 3 purses from there for that cheap) Because it isn't a clothing item people overlook them a lot. I'll also include other accessories in this overlooked category like scarves and hats, and before you say "that's gross" keep in mind that all thrift items should be washed properly upon bringing them home.

Pro tip: Antique shops sometimes have a little accessory action going on inside them too!

4 1/2. Guys section

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Pro tip: check out the men's section always for things like comfy vintage looking tee's or cute hoodies you were probs going to "borrow" from another guy anyways.

Check the Papers!

5. Estate sales

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In my area these are a blue moon rarity but when they have an interesting one they always have closets full of cloths and accessories. - If it is an elderly persons estate sale (which it usually is) they always have something vintage/ retro

6. Garage sales

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Garage sales started my love for thrifting when I was just a little girl. Summer is coming which means the weekends are going to be full of them (I'm crying already) - These are good for beginners who don't like navigating huge thrift department stores or get overwhelmed easily.

7. the "home goods" section

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- always good to take a quick peek whether you want some cute coffee mugs, books, or a framed art piece.

Below I'll upload some pictures of my best thrift store finds for inspiration (I apologize they are not super high quality pics!) :


Image by Olivia Image by Olivia
Image by Olivia
1. summer wrap style dress. 2. estate sale vintage cream calf length dress. 3. velvet body con dress with a straight neckline, it also has sheer detailing where you see black (there is a built in slip)


Image by Olivia Image by Olivia Image by Olivia Image by Olivia
1. corduroy cream jacket and polka dot hair scarf 2. brownish/ gray denim jacket 3.faux leather jacket with gold detailing 4. creamsicle metallic faux leather jacket (Goodwill)


Image by Olivia
"paperboy" outfit feat. brown corduroy pants, white cotton button down, and a dark gray newsboy hat (hat found at estate sale)
Image by Olivia
Goodwill Mossimo purse with turquoise stones and bullhead detail. I got this for 4 dollars.

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Please send me a message with any questions or send a pic of your favorite thrift finds!
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🍀, Olivia