I'm lost.

"I know it's pathetic to not have something as common as a dream,
I know."

I'm Suffering!
Can't you see?
The wound just gets deeper.

My chest hurts every day.
It hurts when no ones understands.

I'm lost, I'm scared.
I know that my fairy tail won't come true.
Even if I try.

Feelings trapped inside.
Spoken to the wrong unforgivable people.
Consuming me.

Choking my words back.
Because I'm too afraid to make the wrong move.

I feel a throb in my heart, as silent tears form in my eyes.
Can't someone see?
Can't they see my pain?

I'm lost, I'm dumb.

Because even though I say
that my fairy tail won't come true.

I'm waiting.

But that isn't enough.
I have to earn it.

But I could use a hand sometimes.

↬ W.A.R ↫