You took my hands to make sure he did not run away,
away from you.
we cross the avenues without looking back,
Get back to you,
but the function was over
the distance made us better
Who am I going to lie to?
my soul needed you, cross, walk and do not look at me.
something between the two

I'm looking for something that does not exist in you, frozen and scared, your arms got entangled in me.

The roots that trapped me for a moment, I do not remember my name anymore, please. Your love suffocates me, you do not know its effect, you do not know what you are made of, you do not know that you are like a pill to sleep for eternity, you are my pill, the one that kills me.
Do not try to take my heart, do not try to be someone you do not want to happen to you.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you do not know what you've been through, I'm sorry to let you go without holding you back, I'm sorry to leave that cold heart without working.

I would like to make a wish
do not go
but even being by my side and you are far away, I can not change what you are, you can not pretend that you do not look at me.
your lips are wrapped in mine, your eyelashes are raised hiding the truth while you avoid looking at me then there is something that does not look good
I think I know what it is .....

I'm believing in what you say.