hey y'all, one of my fave things to do with my friends is to take heaps of cute ass photos in different locations. so i thought i would share some the tips I've learnt on the way !! hope you enjoyyy

1. lightning

if u wanna have a natural glow and looked real tanned i suggest taking photos when the sun is directly hitting you a.k.a golden timeee.
i find that its often around 5pm but it depends on where about you live

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2. location

location is so important cause it just sets the tone for the whole photo. i personally love taking photos in front of aesthetically pleasing houses or with flowers. if you just go out with a clear idea of what kinda photo you want, you will find the perfect location

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flowers, red, and aesthetic image

3. colouring

wear the colours that you think will suit your instagram feed !!! don't wear something that your not comfortable in because you look back on the photos later and see how awkward you appear

fashion, Marla, and style image
ellie thuman image

4. editing

this is the most important part... nailing the perfect filter. import your photos into the app VSCO and put on the filter you think is right (i suggest A6). If you want to look more tanned turn down the contrast. If you want the photo to look more colourful turn up the saturation but also put fade on it cause no one wants to look like a hot cheeto

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR READING I HOPED THIS HELPED YOU OUT !! if you want to see some of my photos just follow me on instagram @piper.je. also if you go to follow me please DM saying ur from weheartit so i don't think ur a random