Our self-esteem is formed by the feelings, thoughts, evaluations and opinions we have about ourselves. In many cases, the negative thoughts we have, can make us lose our self-esteem and limit ourselves.

Sometimes, we don't even realize that we have negative thoughts about ourselves. And being conscious of this to change the perception we have about ourselves can be hard. So will be feeling good with ourselves.

But even if it is hard, it's not impossible, and the change has to begin in ourselves. And in order to do this, we'll create ❝The Ego Folder❞.

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We'll create a folder in a pc or our phone's notes under a nice or positive name or "the ego folder". You can also do it yourself and decorate it. The point of this, is to feel a good vibe when we see it.

Inside the folder (on a pc/phone/made by hand) we'll add:
→Photos form ourselves in which we look nice
→Notes in which you mention the things you like about yourself, your virtues and qualities
→Goals you've reached (even if they seem "dumb")
→Nice messages you've revived from your friends, internet friends, relatives, boyfriend/girlfriend, etcetera
→Lyrics of songs that someone dedicated to you
→Positive images that you've seen/received
→Letters you've received
→Etcetera (other things that make you happy and/or beloved)

The main purpose is that when you see it, you feel better about yourself.
We can see it anytime, not just when we're sad or feel that we are the worst.

And please, always remember that somebody loves and cares for you♡
Whenever you feel that you're not important, remember you're unique♡
And if you're tired of "waiting" for someone to love you, begin doing it yourself, because that's true love♡
You're beautiful, strong and brave.

If you're ever feeling down, don't doubt talking to me♡

here's my other article :) I really hope to help somebody