so for a while I've been thinking to writing about myself and my way of seeing the world. I want you to know about me, maybe we`ll have stuff in common and we can talk and get to know each other better.

so here we go, don´t get bored please

I love art, art in general but I especially love painting, and drawing. I study arts in portugal and nothing is more underfull than being able to touch the hearts of people who are watching our work.

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I love music, and my musical style is indie pop.
my favorite artists are: halsey, chase atlantic, the neibourhood, the 1975 among others.
I also love very much bts very much.
And at the moment I'm loving g eazy a lot, all thanks to my best friend.

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I have a huge crush on photography, kind 99% of my days are taking pictures, it is simply fascinating to see a place take a picture and see that same place diferent. definitely is something that I dedicate myself in the future. in fact you can go to my instagram @anasofiawho and tell me if you want to talk about something, and see my work there.

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I love people with different styles, they are so unique. Some time ago I decided to change the way I dress, I went from a girl who was wearing something and plays to a girl trying to have aesthetic ang grunge style. defenitely was something that I loved to do because now I feel that I am more myself.

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hello, my name is Ana i´m 17 years old, and this is me. ( smile face)
kisses guys and hope u all liked this different article of mine.