Hey guys! Thank you so much for the great feedback of my last article, didn't think anyone would even look at it actually.
In this article I'm going to let you inside my sad zone: my sad playlist.
Hope you enjoy it!

1: Adele - Hello (violin cover by Daniel Jang)

I love the sound of the violin and this cover is just amazing! It really put's me in a sad mood. Hello is such a beautiful song and the sound of the violin combined with the song is amazing, love it.

Adele, art, and fun image violin, music, and black and white image

2: Ariana Grande - Just a Little Bit of Your Heart

This music is so beautiful. Even thought I don't really like Ariana Grande that much, I have to admit that she makes some really good musics for depressing moments.
Curiosity: This song was actually written by Harry Styles!

arianagrande image song, grande, and ariana grande image

3: Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts

I don't even have to say nothing about this one: double sadness. When I first listened to this song I actually cried because every word of that song is the pure reality. We live in a society where we have to give up our own identity to become "someone" that pleases the world. We have to be perfect even thought we just want to be imperfect, and that's okay. If anything or anyone is pushing into being someone that your not just know that you are amazing with your flaws and they are the ones that make you unique and beautiful!

beyoncé, beautiful, and imperfection image Temporarily removed

4: Linkin Park - Numb

This is a big one. This song is about children who are sick of living up to the high expectations their parents set for them. I really identify to this one because my dad has really big expectations for me and my siblings that sometimes it suffocates me. Actually the phrase "Every step that I take is another mistake to you" is about how they feel like they can't do anything to make their parents proud. (I've done some research ahah)

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5: Nicki Minaj - Grand Piano

I don't really have a big explanation on why I love this song, I just do. I identify to this song because when I like/love someone I'm completely blind, I don't see what's wrong even if it's bigger than what's good.

Image by ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. 𝒫𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒾 .:**:.☆*.:。.✿ Temporarily removed

6: Richie Campbell - Do You No Wrong

I don't know if you know him or not but I recommend him A LOT. He is portuguese but all of his songs are in english. This one is amazing and I listen to it even if I'm not in a sad mood, which is a good thing.

Temporarily removed richie campbell image

7: Rihanna - Unfaithful

This is just depressing, I'm not going to say anything else.

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8: Sia - Elastic Heart

I love Sia so much and this song is just life.I did some research and (I didn't quite understand) I think the music video is about our inner demons that are destroying us inside. I absolutely love the music video and I'm a huge Sia's fan so yeah.

️sia, dance, and inspiration image Sia, heart, and elastic heart image

9: The Wanted - Warzone

I'm going to admit that I'm a big Prisoner (name of the fandom) and I got super sad and depressed when they split but I always listen to their music. This song is about cheating (it's weird because they're five and all of their "girlfriends" on the video cheat with the same guy). It's probably the one that I've heard for the longest on this list.

Image by Debora Quinzo warzone, the wanted, and nathan sykes image

That's it guys! I have more songs but their portuguese so yeah. Check out my last article if you haven't yet!
Xoxo ❤