1. Create A Cozy Space
your bed, your whole room, your living room, whatever you want to be cozy. it will make you sooo comfortable and chill, it'll help you to relax and feel safe in your own. light up a candle, make your bed look pleasant with some blankets and pillows.

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2. Coffee / Tea To Warm Up
coffee, tea or hot chocolate is always a great idea for keep warm in a rainy day. you can also add marshmallows or whipped cream ( chantilly ).

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3. Read A Book
i'm guilty, i love to read books ( at the moment i'm reading The Selection and it's just amazing by the way ) and specially in rainy days. disconnect from the world and go to a imaginary one, it will make you feel a lot more creative and cozy.

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4. Have A Movie Or Series Marathon
this is one of my favorite things to do in a rainy day. my guest list for a day like that is:
movies - beauty and the beast ( live action ) ; harry potter films
series : famous in love ; riverdale ; re-watch the old disney like shake it up, good luck charlie, ...
add some popcorns, lay in your cozy bed, pick some hot drink and just chill

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6. Draw / Do Bullet Journaling
recently i've started my bullet journal and i swear, it's so funny and relaxing to do that you keep hours making it and time flies during that. you can also draw or color something if you prefer, it's all about you!

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7. Enjoy The Sound Of The Rain
it's one of the most relaxing thigs thats Nature gives to us. appreciate it and just spend the time you need listening to the raining falling, you can do meditation as well if you need that slef time.

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8. Take Care Of Yourself
take the day off for a self esteem booster. have a long bubble bath, do a skin cleaning, hydrate your skin and body by drinking water. you first!!

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p.s. you're beautiful!! enjoy your rainy or sunny day, love you - mia