Good morning/afternoon/evening/night reader. Today I´ve decided to start with the "30 Days Writting Challenge and I think the best way to start is with some facts about me so you know me a little bit more. Okay, so let´s start:

1. I´m 15 years old

2. my bday is in October

3. I´m libra or scorpion depending on where you are reading the zociac (I´ll talk about this in a few days, so stay tuned)

4. my favourite seasons are Autumn and Winter

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5. I live in Spain

6. I want to be Interior Designer

7. I´m going to study in an Art School next year and I´m soooooo exciting

8. I want to travel all over the world

9. one of my many dreams is to live in Austrialia

10. I would love to live in Florence, Italy, one day

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11. I speak 5 languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Italian (but fluently only the fisrt four)

12. my best friend live 6812 km away from me

13. I love to watch series and films

14. I like reading

15. I have never had a boyfriend yet

16. music is life

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17. I want to travel to USA so bad

18. I´ve been loving writting recently

19. I´m writting a book

20. I hate Biology, Chemistry and Physics so much

21. I still don´t believe in anything yet (but I respect all the religions) and I´m trying to find something to believe in

22. I love shopping

23. I love skin-care

24. I´ve never had a pet

25. I have only like 5 true friends

26. I´ve had to going through a friend break up and it´s been very painfull

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27. I´m very shy

28. I love meeting new people

29. I don´t like vegetables and fruit

30. I have good grades at school except in Maths, but I´ve never failured it

Well, this isi all for today, i hope you enjoy it. Byee xx