I saw an article by @alaska_luna and decided to tag myself because why the fuck not? this is my very first article tho and I have no bloody idea how to do it so bare with me y'all :-)

DISCLAIMER: I accidentally posted this before it was finished okay lmaooo idk why so many are reacting with sad emojis but I hope it's because they feel bad for me because I suck at this :-(


aesthetic, entertainment, and television image bag, rings, and colour image Devon Aoki image aesthetic, fashion, and glasses image hairstyle, girl, and hair image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Mature image


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed quotes, pink, and aesthetic image quotes, fire, and hair image Image removed quotes, girl, and book image Image removed quotes, feelings, and sad image
quotes, words, and blue image Mature image


art, pink, and kiss image Temporarily removed alternative, art, and clothes image beautiful, magical, and nebula image girls, night, and neon image tiger, green, and animal image Inspiring Image on We Heart It lesbian, couple, and kiss image


book, sky, and aesthetic image Image removed feminism, feminist, and revolution image Temporarily removed sea, summer, and beach image vintage, aesthetic, and glasses image


theme, fruit, and red image Inspiring Image on We Heart It food, aesthetic, and drink image banana, fruit, and yellow image


Image by ♡ zebra, animal, and black and white image Image by Nanou Noona elephant, animal, and nature image horses image giraffe, animal, and sky image


book image 1984, documentary, and George Orwell image adorable, beautiful, and black image book, science fiction, and the 100 image ficcion, books, and libros image book, quote, and true image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


stranger things, eleven, and netflix image film, gif, and girl image gif, everything sucks, and sydney sweeney image art, fun, and girls image


Harry Styles image Image removed tour, Harry Styles, and one direction image iris apatow image kim, kim kardashian, and kardashian image finn wolfhard, stranger things, and it image natalie portman and black and white image amanda seyfried, beautiful, and black and white image analog, beauty, and eyeliner image Image removed


quotes, words, and love yourself image

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