these poems were writing by the most fascinating and luring mind i have ever come across. it belongs to a girl that captured my heart. most of them she wrote for me. what i loved is that she didn't feel ashamed sharing her feelings with me, actually i adored that abut her. i let her slip through my fingers.

though i do not have her by my side, i felt that her words must be shared

if i had the opportunity
to look at two things in life,
it would be you and the sky,
because such a beautiful combination
of colour and love should never be passed up.

only true idiots in love would write such
simple yet factual poetry for another.

i've concluded that i have everything but a heart,
and a real lover. but when i first took a glimpse of you,
i could never forget the details of your exquisite face,
and the way your eyes light up as if they are looking at
a million stars. my eyes travel down to the curls of your
perfect lips as they smile a great smile at me.
your unforgettable body.
but what i could never get out of my head, are the littlest things
that you never notice, that i noticed.
so maybe, just maybe i did have a heart once that you possibly took away from me.

between me and you, is the distance most people today cant handle,
because they have the privilege of kissing each other, loving each other, staring at each other, the way we cannot.
and as unreasonable as that sounds, we have a new depth to our love that most people today can't imagine.

i'm worn out from the concept of love, and being in love, because i dislike loving you from a distance while you're over there loving another that is not me.
oh, stupid me.

i find it effortless to get lost in writing, and your milky chocolate eyes.
thought i very much prefer searching for the love that pools around those stunning brown orbs that has me head over heels for your contagious yet addictive affection.

your love leaves me breathless.
so baby suffocate me with all the love you've got until i'm out of breath.

bury me in the dirt where we stood on when we first met, and let me reminisce in the love you once presented me with. it was the first one i ever felt true bliss in. for the others never mattered to me, but now you don't even feel like home anymore. you feel like thorns on a rose, that you've given to me long long ago.

how do i let go when the only thing my mother taught me was to hold on.

so i let you slide a knife into my still beating heart. and i, as stupid as i am, continued to love you despite your constant lies and ignorance.

when he leaves you, don't come seeking me for comfort, or for love, because where were you when i was pouring my soul out in order to make myself stay in the depths of your heart.

i want to fall in love.
not with the concept of it.
but i want to fall in love with you.
i promise, i'll never make you feel anything less than the princess you are.
i'll treat you like you put the stars in the sky, like you painted the ocean.