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1 || songs

L ovely by Billie Eilish

Y outh by Shawn Mendes

D reams by Bazzi

I n My Feelings by Drake

A merican teen by Khalid

music, aesthetic, and art image music, vintage, and decor image

2 || TV Shows, Books & Movies

L aw & Order

Y ou Again (movie)

D octor Strange (movie)

I nsatiable (tv series)

A vengers: Civil War

Temporarily removed book, coffee, and read image

3 || Characteristics

L oyal

Y oung

D aring

I nteresting

A rtsy

fashion, girl, and beauty image fashion, girl, and style image

4 || Celebrities Or Characters

L iam Payne

Y oda

D olan Twins

I an Harding

A rchie Andrews (Riverdale Character)

b&w, black and white, and Hot image Image by «TIME»

5 || randomness

L ara Jean Covey (fictional character)

Y oga

D oggies!

I ce Cream

A irplanes

dog, animal, and puppy image

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