hi how are you doing? today, i wanted to show you some of my favorite kpop mv which i find the most aesthetic. i tried to devide them into 3 categories, i hope you like it & happy watching!

- calm/soft; earthy (washed out) colors

aesthetic, gif, and kpop image
try again - d.ear & jaehyun
gif, Jonghyun, and lonely image
lonely - jonghyun & taeyeon
Seventeen, dont wanna cry, and kpop image
don't wanna cry - seventeen
aesthetic, boy, and gif image
taemin - day and night
gif, kpop, and khiphop image
dpr live - jasmine

- dreamy/dark; focus on only a few/bright colors

Temporarily removed
the 7th sense - nct u
Image removed
dream in a dream - ten
dino, gif, and jun image
lilili yabbay - seventeen
Temporarily removed
shangri-la - vixx

- pop/ minimalistic; bright/ contrast colors

gif, kpop, and zico image
zico - she's a baby
gif, kpop, and khiphop image
penomceo - lie
gif, jay park, and heize image
sunday -groovyroom (jay park & heize)
gif image
change up - seventeen
asian, choreography, and johnny image
nct 127 - touch
Image removed
palette - iu & g.dragon

thanks for reading! ~
- j'