A Productive Spring Routine on a Free Day

➵ Waking up at 7am
It’s time for sunny mornings and shorter days. I always wake up earlier in the spring and summer, because I want to enjoy the mornings as much as possible. Try waking up earlier than you normally do, this will increase your productivity and maybe even your motivation.

➵ Morning walk / work out
Depending on how I woke up and how I feel, I decide what I want to do that morning. I usually take a walk through the woods or I will go to the gym to do some cardio as well. When I get home I usually also do some core, legs and butt training.

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➵ Breakfast
My breakfast is always a green smoothie or two slices of bread with one egg. My smoothie consists of yoghurt, spinach, apple, pear and banana. It’s delicious and makes me feel full immediately. When I eat bread I also put some lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers on it.

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➵ Clean routine
When I ate and drank my cup of coffee I can start my day with some basic cleaning. I usually do the dishes, do some of my laundry and vacuum my room clean.

➵ To Do Lists
After I did some of my basic cleaning it’s usually around 11am or 12pm. I make a list on what I have to do still and cross of the things I’ve done. These lists may include; groceries, homework, further intensive cleaning etc.

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➵ Chill out
A productive day does not always mean being busy all the time. After finishing most of your tasks on your to do list. Just make yourself a drink and chill out on your bed or couch. Read a book, watch one episode of your favourite serie and just relax for a moment.

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➵ Continue your tasks
After relaxing for some time. It’s usually time for dinner or doing some other tasks. It’s best if your divide your tasks, because you have the whole day to do your tasks. The ones you find most awful do immediately and the ones you can maybe enjoy, do those after dinner.

➵ Time to go to bed
Try to stay away from your laptop, phone or tv an hour before you go to sleep. This will make you sleep better and then you will get out of bed earlier as well in the next morning. Go and read a few pages of a book before you go to bed, you'll get more tired then.

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Hope these few things will help you as much as they helped me!

Lots of love,